Linslade Taekwon-Do COVID-19 Lesson Procedures

Due to COVID-19 there will be some temporary procedures set out by the Taekwon-Do
governing body that all students are expected to follow. These procedures are to enable
you all to train in a safe environment. They will take a bit of getting used to for all of us but
please be patient while we all familiarise ourselves with the adjustments. These procedures are open to change depending on any government updates. If you have any
concerns or questions please contact the club by email or phone.

All updated paperwork with contact information must have been returned before the
lesson. This is for track and trace purposes.

Students are to come already dressed in there Doboks/Club t-shirts.
Drinks bottles need to be labelled to prevent accidentally sharing.

Please bring the absolute minimum of items with you. You will not need sparring kits
unless I have informed you to bring them for the next lesson.

When placing your belongings down in the hall please insure social distancing
guidelines are adhered to unless you are from the same household.

Please arrive at the lesson on time.

While your waiting to enter the hall please remain socially distanced according to
government guidelines.

There will be no spectators allowed in the hall during the lesson. At the instructors
discretion the club may allow one parent of a junior beginner but it must be agreed
before the lesson.

If parents are waiting they are to do so in their cars and not to congregate around the

When you arrive please use the hand sanitiser provided by Linslade Taekwon-Do. This
will be located at the entrance to the hall.

If you use the toilets please wipe down any surface you touch. Wipes will be provided
by Linslade Taekwon-Do.

As required by the governing body a 3m x 3m grid will be marked out with cones in the
hall. This will help assist with social distancing during the lesson so please be aware of
these while moving around.

There will be no contact training ie, pad work, sparring etc. Though we will start
introducing contact training over the coming weeks but only for those students who
train with other members of their household.

No club sparring kits will be available at this time.

Students are to maintain good hygiene at all times.

If you develop any of the COVID-19 symptoms (new persistent cough, a fever, loss of sense of taste and smell) then you must not come to class. You must follow the government advice and guidelines on self isolation, you must also inform the club

As there is a limit to the number of students allowed to attend at one time (30) the club
may need to introduce a booking system if we start to see high numbers.

At this moment in time we can fit all students into one lesson but should we start to
have full turnouts the club may have to split the group to meet legal requirements. You
will be informed in plenty of time if this is the case.

Lesson fees to preferably be payed in advance by bank transfer.

For the safety and enjoyment of all students anyone not adhering to the rules may
be asked to leave club.